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Who was raving about Essie nail polish?

Because I got a pedi over a month ago using Essie polish and that stuff really does not chip.  I'm pretty impressed.  

Looking at my feet though, I need another pedicure. :)

Re: Who was raving about Essie nail polish?

  • I find that Essie is better once I use it more.  And chipping is not across brand but rather because of many variables.  *getting off soapbox*

  • I love Essie, but it's not because it's non-chip. I mean, it's pretty hard to chip toe polish. 

    My manis, no matter the brand, tend to last about a week, week and a half at most. I usually lose all the polish off the very tips within a few days, because I type all day long, but it's hard for anyone else to tell. 

    I have to buy new fall colors, though. All mine are getting goopy. 
  • All of my Pedis (almost 100% using OPI) chip after week 2 or so.   I don't get manicures unless it's for a really special event (I'm in a wedding party or something), but if I do get a manicure I get a super light color on my nails for when it inevitably chips after 6 hours or so.
  • I do my own. Not perfect, but I like 'em. 
  • I love my Essie polish.  I follow the same regimen when I paint my toes - base coat, dry, coat 1 of polish, dry, coat 2, dry, coat 3, dry, top no-chip coat, dry - and Essie is the only one that doesn't chip OR rub off after a few weeks.   The only reason I have to change polish is because my nails have grown.   The other brands that I've used (OPI, Orly, Revlon, Maybelline) don't even come close to lasting that long.

    I only keep my toenails polished (my finger nails are bare - I will on occasion do a clear coat on my fingers) so I'm not sure how long it lasts on fingers.  But I imagine that it lasts a while.
  • My toenails chip a lot in the summer time when I'm wearing sandals and at the pool - plus I'm clumsy and I'm always ramming my toes into things.   When it's not sandal weather the problem is my big toe rubbing on the top of my shoe and the polish wears off.

    And yes, manicures last about 1 hour max for me.

  • When I paint my nails myself, it looks like a 3 year old did them.  Especially my left hand.

    My toes also look pretty henious when I try to do them myself.  

    Also, the place I go give hot stone massages as part of your pedi and there's nothing like a hot stone massage. 
  • i usually use glittery polish for pedicures, and it lasts forever. (change it every few weeks with nail growth) 

    i almost never give myself/get manicures because they last all of 2 days before my nails look awful. the one exception is when i use the CND effects topcoats, and they last about 5-7 days

    i love going for spa pedicures for the parafin treatment and foot/leg massage, but I have been justifying recent polish purchases by doing my own toes. 
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