Wedding Woes

Kid-related, so feel free to skip

1.  We're taking the Woozle for her first haircut tomorrow.  I'm sort of ambivalent, not so much because of the whole "my baby's getting big" but because I think it's the right call, but I'm not positive.  Her hair is curly, and she's starting to look like Baby Einstein.  I want to grow it longer so her curls have a chance to get past the sticking-out-all-over stage, but I don't want her to look like an urchin in the mean time.  So I guess I'll just tell them all this tomorrow and hope for the best.  I think I'm projecting my hair issues onto her.

2.  We have a little potty training issue to work through.  Last night, she pooped one tiny rabbit poop in the potty, then stood up, pointed, and declared "Mess!"  I told her it was fine, she could finish going and then we would clean up afterward.  (After I empty the potty, the thrill of flushing the toilet is her reward.)  She looked at me all horrified.  "No sit.  Mess!"  Y'all, there was seriously an M&M-size turd in there, and she wouldn't even go near the potty until I had emptied it, flushed, and wiped the thing down.  During which time, she finished pooping in her diaper.  How does that work?  You'll crap your own pants, but sitting a few inches from a microscopic turd of your own making is just beyond the pale. 

Her fussy fastidiousness reminds me so much of my mother.  I'm half amused and half worried.
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