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So I have been engaged since Christmas Eve of 2010. I am getting married Aug 4th 2012 long engagement I know.  But anyways so my fiance sister and her boy friend move in with us. Then decide to get married one week before we are. She wants me to pretty much plan her wedding make all the calls and everything while she is mooching  off of me been 2 months and has only bought dinner twice and paid a 3rd of the rent once. I among trying to complain really I am not but this is really hurting my feelings. I do not come from money we are doing this all on our own and she has not even offered once to research or give me ideas or even help put things together I am a diy bride its hard enough doing that without all the extra stress. For my cherry on top she puts herself in my wedding. Some days I really wish I could just have the heart to tell someone no even if it does hurt their feelings. So the question I am asking would this offend any of you other brides or is it just my hormones talking? If it would what would you do if anything at all?

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    Kick her out and tell her no.

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    Those are not hormones talking, they are a few licks of good sense trying to break free and swim to the top.  Why are you letting her walk all over you like this?  It's time to put your foot down.  Let her get her own wedding and her own house while she is at it.


    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    [QUOTE]Kick her out and tell her no.
    Posted by 6fsn[/QUOTE]

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