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Teen Mom 2

Wooooo ::fans self::

These ladies are something else!

So, Kailyn was banging Jordan and Jo at the same time and they all have the clap - well Jo doesn't, but he hasn't exactly been tested. That girl, is there a precautionary tale that she doesn't have to tell?

So who was Leah banging? I guess we'll find out.

And Amber, too. Dr. Drew does not seem happy with her.

Janelle is the worst.

All these kids seem to have asthma. Does everyone have asthma now?

Re: Teen Mom 2

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    i actuall ylike kailyn and feel badly for her. her mom is a hot mess, sop she has no choice but to learn by trial and error. and i don't think teens are knows for making the best decisions. too bad she didn't think before sleeping with jo unprotected. and his parents need to step things up if he isn't being taught that he can't just sleep around unprotected.

    which one is amber? do you mean chelsea? i am not happy with her, either. her or her blond hair. i am glad Dr Drew is giving each girl at least a half hour of his time.

    janelle really gets on my nerves.
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    Seriously.....they (Jo, Kailyn, Jordan) got into that mess because she had the IUD. IUDs don't protect against the clap, morons.

    Yes, Chelsea. I watched when they were at her dad's office. That child only responds to makeup. Good job, folks.

    Janelle's stepdad left to live with a Hooters waitress. I would totally do the same thing.
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    Leah banged her ex, Robbie.  You know, the one she was with for years, broke up, banged Corey once, got preg with twins, had twins, banged Robbie, made up with Corey, banged Robbie again, married Corey.

    And agreed on Chelsea's hair.  I do not like the blonde.  Same with Leah.  They both look bad.

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    Man....I want to see what this Robbie guy has going for him.

    They all need to step back from the bleach. All of them.
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