Wedding Woes

Confession (BR---NO, NOT PG, silly goose.)

I've recently (and very quickly, it seems) moved from, "I want to make E a father someday, since he'd be awesome at it" to "Holy schit, I want a baby."

We might time it so that we TTC during my dissertation writing phase. I'll already be at home (hopefully, if I'm funded enough), and the kid will be old enough for daycare and such by the time I start looking for post-doc jobs.

I can't believe I just typed "TTC."

Confession: SIL already bought us a onesie for our potential spawn. It is gray with black and red stars all over it, and it says, "My mommy rocks." It comes with a binkie that has a guitar rattle attached to it in dark red satin.

...After looking at it, I want to procreate just to have something for that onesie. It's just too perfect.
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