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Can we talk about Courtney Cox and David Arquette real quick>

Why the hell did he talk to Howard Stern? He's such a farking idiot. Everything I heard I was like, hey dumbazz keep your trap shut.

Also, for whatever reason I don't really like them.

Re: Can we talk about Courtney Cox and David Arquette real quick>

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    I never liked them together, but after it lasted this long, I figured they were pretty good.

    Oh well.

    I haven't heard the howard stern stuff.  Recap? Link?

  • I heard on the radio yesterday she was having an affair with her castmate from Cougartown (the one that plays her ex husband on the show). The whole cast and crew from Cougartown knew about it, but she told them that she and David had an open marriage. Then he found out about it.

    So I think that's why he went to Howard Stern. She made a fool out of him and he was getting his payback.
  • Yes, he was wrong. It was refreshing to hear someone speak the truth and not double talk, but it isn't any of our business.

    Plus, he talked about their sex life with Howard Stern. He lost cool points on that one.
  • What did he have to say about it?  I rely on you ladies for all of this sort of stuff.
  • Just a day after he and Courteney Cox announced their separation, David Arquette called in to the 'Howard Stern Show' and told all about the death of their sex life and his post-separation tryst with waitress/actress Jasmine Waltz.

    David said that Courteney initiated the separation just after their 11th wedding anniversary in June, telling him "I don't want to be your mother anymore." They hadn't had sex for a month at that point, and haven't in the four months since--but Courteney gave David the go-ahead to sleep with others.

    "She knows she's not f***ing me, and she's like, 'Listen, I want you to be able to do whatever you have to do,'" he said.

    When asked whether he has a girlfriend he's moving in with, David said absolutely not, but he did admit to sex with "the girl in the paper"--Jasmine Waltz.

    "I don't have a girlfriend, I had sex with a girl once... maybe twice," he said.

  • He said that she's tired of being his mom.
    He needs to grow up.
    They haven't had sex in months.
    She gave him permission to have sex during their separation.
    He had sex twice with some chick.
    He wants to get back together.
    He still loves her.

    More or less.
  • He is sure making himself sound like a winner.
  • See, this falls under what are you willing to live with.

    She knew that he was immature BEFORE they got married, so what's new. Either you can live with it or you can't. Now, it's a problem.

    I have a friend that complains all the time about her husband being messy, but he was messy when they were dating. Why do you continue to have the same argument.

    Either she's going to pick up his socks or she's going to keep complaining, and STILL pick up his socks, like she is already doing.

    Either live with it or not, but how can you keep saying the same thing.
  • Maybe workable irritations start seeming unworkable when you're interested in someone else.
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