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So tired of arguing over this and that.

I just need to vent, because I am at my boiling point with my future mom in law over details of the wedding that really aren't her business. First of all, she is constantly sending me emails and cut out articles in the mail about wedding ideas. It's nice she cares and is happy but we already have everything planned and her ideas just don't make sense. Her contributions to our special day go as far as these news clippings.

She doesn't think we'll have enough diversity at the wedding because my family and my in laws ae culturally the same. She thinks that because the guest list is going to be "monotonous" that we should introduce diversity through a food buffet. At the cocktail hour she thinks that it would be cute to have foods from around the world. But she isn't talking about food stations that make sense, like a station with mediterranean salads and breads, but things like a pan of eggrolls and then a pan of challah bread next to it. Diverse, right? When my fiance asked her to stop giving us such "helpful" suggestions, she resorted to cutting out articles from the local paper of new restaurants that have opened to order foods from. There's a new local Jamaican restaurant that makes great macarroni and cheese. Yes, she thinks that this adds diversity.

That's not the biggest deal, because at least I can just collect the articles in a folder labled "crazy" and leave it at that. But she now has an email address she started to give out to people if they have questions about the wedding - and she is fielding these quesitons and forwarding them to ME to answer, and I have no idea who these people are! My fiance already told her who was invited, and the invites are printed and ready to go. These are random people she interacts with every day, like the woman who does her hair. She has an appointment to get her hair done I guess for the wedding and she is taking questions about the location and menu and everything from this woman for example. I am about to reply ALL to her emails to tell everyone that the guest list is closed.

What do I do now? The wedding is in May and it can't come soon enough.

Re: So tired of arguing over this and that.

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    Let your FI deal with his mother. If he doesn't, you have to understand you are opening yourself up to a lifetime (her lifetime) of this behavior. Have fun with that.
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    1) challah bread doesn't come in a pan.
    2) tell your fi to handle this.
    3) direct all her emails to "junk."
    4) you're in arkansas, yo.  HAHAHA @ diversity.  i'm with you there.
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    Wow. Just wow. I have no words for this kind of craziness.
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    One thing you do have to consider, is that she will be in your life for quite awhile. Think if it is worth it to cause anymore friction than you already have with her. Perhaps when she gives you ideas just say "Thank you". You wouldn't even need to elaborate and put the article in a folder you never look at again.
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    You sound really frustrated...and I can relate.  Right now, I am learning to choose my battles but I like you need my FI to step up handling my inlaws.  But, choose your battles very wisely.  Hang in there!

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