Wedding Woes

Did I review Iron Man 2 yet?

If not, here it is, and if so, I guess looking at that huge poop has addled my brain.

Anyway, yeah, it was fun.  It wasn't great, and it wasn't as fantastic as the first one, but I enjoyed it.  I do want them to hurry the hell up and make the Avengers movie already, preferably without Scarlett Johansson, who should be told that a tight outfit doesn't make up for wooden acting and choppy character development. 

As an aside, what was with all the fuss on G4 over Olivia Munn starting her movie career here?  She was there for, like, thirty seconds (incidentally, about as much as she was in the aforementioned Date Night) and she did basically the same thing she used to do on Attack of the Show but with less style and (maybe not coincidentally) less curvy poundage.
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