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Hey all!  I haven't been here in forever and I am in need of some important advice.  FI and I went to go look at tuxes today and not only was I irritated that they can't try anything on until they pick it up (how are you supposed to know what it all looks like together?  What if you don't like the way it looks and then you have to pay a fee to change?), I also don't know what color to have the vests and ties. 

Our colors are dark purple and lime green with raspberry.  They have a vest and tie that are the same color purple as the bridesmaids dresses but I can't get over the look of black and purple.  It doesn't seem right to me.  FI will wear ivory vest and tie and would have groomsmen wear the purple.  I think I just feel like colored vests and tie are not as formal. 

What do you think?  Thanks!

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    My sister had her GM wear black and purple - not sure if it's the same color but I'll attach one to give you an idea of how they turned out.  :)  I cropped off their heads to protect the innocent.  haha!  Let me know if you would like different pictures of the GM without their jackets - oh shoot, I'll just attach that too.  Hope this helps!

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    It really depends on the color of the dress. Otherwise, I think Gree would look really nice, I'm biased though because I'm doing green. BUT, you can make your GMs wear anything. If you don't think wearing a color is formal, black on black is always a fav. :) Goodluck!

    PS. I think if you go to mens wearhouse website you can design suits and pick the tie/vest color. You should go there and just play around a little.
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    ooo...I'll have to go to their website!  Thanks!  And thank you for the pics!
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