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Can planning a wedding cause feelings of depression?

     I have been feeling very sad the last couple weeks. Today, I am on a crying jag like PMS but not PMS time. I am sure the stress of planning the wedding, having company over Easter, and all the other things I have to do is making me feel this way. Also, I am on a diet/fitness plan and I wonder if that has something to do with it. The wedding makes  me happy, the guy I am marrying makes me happy, and I am trying to be thankful. Any ideas or advice about this? Has anyone else had experience with the blues while planning a wedding?

Re: Can planning a wedding cause feelings of depression?

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    Well, I wouldn't worry about a diet, but exercise is great for keeping you happy. Definitely keep up with that. It's a great stress reliever.

    Write down a list of everything you need to do. As you do it, mark it off. Also, there are so many things you don't need. Programs, favors.
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    It's okay that you are feeling this way. I was feeling really sad not too long ago and still feel stress every now and then. Getting married is a major life transition so it brings on a bit of stress and sadness that your life is changing and that there is a lot of planning to do. I used to get so overwhelmed about the wedding that I experienced a lot of anxiety so I went and talked to someone. He mentioned that even though these are happy times since I am getting married, any major change in your life causes you stress and it is how you cope with it. Lately, just forcing myself to go for a long walk and have "me" time helps a lot. Maybe this is something that you can put time aside for.

    I agree with ButterCookie, making lists helps ease anxiety and can make you feel more in control however you should try not and stress about wedding planning since everything will fall into place and there are plenty of people to help you! HTH and just relax, this only happens once so enjoy it! =)

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    I find that getting married is causing a big emotional transition time, and its more of an emotional process than I expected, and not all the emotions are bliss, lol, I have realized that these things are okay, as excited as I am about getting married to the man I love so much, I am having to let go of a lot along the way, letting go of the individual identity I built for myself over the years and trying to figure out how to fit into the new unit of the both of us. THose are the big things. It took a big effort for me to stop the busyness to sit and focus introspectively about what was really going on with me. All the stress and projects and everything I have going on can be a convienient distraction, but sometimes its better to sit and just process.

    IDK if this helps or applies to anyone else, lol it helps me to process. :)

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