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Hey Varuna, check it out:

I'm a little surprised, actually. I expected Memphis and Nashville to make the top 10, and I thought Jackson, MS would be higher than Shreveport, at least. (Actually, I'm surprised Shreveport was that high at all.)


Re: Hey Varuna, check it out:

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    Sorry, just got in.

    Yeah, this has been floating around for about a week now, I think.  And people wonder why I can get so hostile to religion.  B/c this is where I live people!

    I didn't care about the "reading the bible" part, but the whole agreeing that's it's accurate chaps my hide.  Considering I just had an argument with BFF that ended with me deciding a 14 year friendship was worth shutting up over, I'm firmly back in hostile to religion camp again.  It'll take awhile to come back from this one since, "shutting up" isn't really part of my vocabulary.

    ETA: IDK how much you care, but the skeptical/freethinkers are rejecting it here.  It's not that great of a study.  Roughly 42K adults over a 7 year period were interviewed from 96 cities, roughly 500/city.  It figures out to like .002% of our population and would be even lower for someplace like New York or Boston.
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    The 7 year part certainly made me raise an eyebrow. I mean, a LOT has changed in this area in the last 7 years.

  • I thought the 7 year was weird too.  Why did it take so long to interview that many adults?  I almost wonder if they didn't interview MORE and these are the only responses they actually received?  IDK, someone was trying to find out more about the actual study that what was just on the graphic.  I"ll let you know if anyone posts anything interesting.

    Also, you should try and hit the big convention here.  You can stay in my guest bedroom (my house is much smaller than yours, be warned! ;) ), but it looks like I'm planning at least one party for the organization during that.  :)
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