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Mrs.Conn -- Let's get to it!


I admit, I was hiding under a blanket.

Re: Mrs.Conn -- Let's get to it!

  • OMG.  I was just in shock.  I didn't believe it up until the last second that they were going to kill off Opie.  Stupid Jax and his wanting to please everyone.  That's what it came down to.   He should have just sent Tig.  He deserved it.
    Clay's behind the break-ins and the bust of Nero's place.   Jerk.

    Tara better watch her step.

    Gemma needs to calm the hell down. 

    Poor Halfsack dying IRL.  Sounds like he had some major issues. 
  • I knew it was coming. We were 20 minutes behind and I went on imdb because I couldn't stand it anymore.

    Poor Opie. But really, the poor guy had had enough. He knew he wouldn't be a good dad to his kids, and Lyla was in a much better place to care for them. After losing Donna and then Piney by Clay's hand, there was no way he could sit at that table anymore. I think he finally got some peace. Jax will not have any peace moving forward.

    It SHOULD have been Tig, but you know that Pope wasn't going for that. And Chibs had nothing to do with any of it.

    Gemma is spinning out of control. She is a hot mess, and it shows. Her hair is too long and she's dressing more inappropriately. She has lost her touch in terms of manipulation. Wendy and Tara are on to her, but Tara needs to be a more understanding with Wendy.

    My favorite part was the comic relief from Clay and Juice when they showed up at Nero's place. And Gemma beating the crap out of Ashley Tisdale. Clay is behind it all, but his only play now is being a dck. He knows his old lady is getting some from Nero and his days of riding are limited.

    I'm interested to see where Opie's death takes Jax. And the club in general. And I'm also wanting to see if Jax gets his revenge on that guard.

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