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So I didn't get one of the jobs I did a phone interview for yesterday. Which sucks but oh well.

I have another phone call with someone tomorrow, possibly today. It's for the job that involves travel.

I talked to DH this morning. I've gotten turned down for positions like being a bank teller. I'm not butt hurt about it because I think I'd probably suck, but that says something. DH suggested we reconsider moving. So I'm going to look at jobs in CO or TX. DH is guaranteed to have a job wherever, but I'm hesitant. I love my house, I love my friends here, and I want to live here and raise The Chubbs. But we have to do what is best, and DH has said in the past that he will advance more in CO or TX so it wouldn't be a loss. It seems extreme so we're going to talk tonight and see.

Re: Update

  • Wow.  That's a lot of things to consider. 
  • That is a lot of things to consider.

    This may be a ltitle personal, so you don't have to answer, but do you need to work full time? Could you possibly find some part time work?
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  • I remember you talking about CO awhile ago, so I'm glad to see it's still an option. I hope you find something soon.
  • I think it's  a good idea. There's never really a good time to uproot yourself, but  you're in a position where it will mean more opportunities for both of you.
  • If you can manage an outlook calendar, I'll hire you.
  • Depending on where you end up in TX, there's actually a lot of opportunities here. Houston has a great network of hospitals/etc. so you may be able to find something medical if you guys end up here. 

    We moved to TX for my opportunities at work as well. Yes it's extreme, but definitely something to consider. Just make sure that your relocation package is good and that you're both 100% in. DK left his family, friends and our first home behind in Philly, but was up for the move because it was the best decision for us. 
  • It doesn't make sense for me to work part-time. It would cover the cost of childcare and that's about it. So I can do part-time for a bit, but ultimately I need to find something full-time.

    Nico Leg, I can do Outlook. I'd move to FL but the Tampa office is not an option I guess.
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