Wedding Woes


This week can EABOD. For serious. It has been the worst. Related: This vendor I am working with, can EABOD before DIAF.

I am playing someone named Ste-bob on WWF, and I keep reading their name as Side boob.

My hips have been bothering my sciatic nerve is acting up. It feels like I have to pop my hip -- like the tension you feel in your hands before you crack a knuckle -- but any attempts at that have been fultile. H walked on my back last night and I was all snap, crackle, and pop.

H clogged the sink. We had to call maintenance, so I had him tack on something about the mold. They came and dealt with the sink and completely ignored the mold. I hate these people.

And no, it is nowhere near Shark Week.

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