Wedding Woes

This is a wedding-related post.

Lil's sis's wedding was on Friday.   While it didn't go off w/o a hitch (she closed on her house 2 hours before her wedding...She was supposed to be closed on 2+ weeks ago, but there was some mad dickery by her RE agent), it was a damn good time.  And they're married, so that's all that counts.

She went with a game theme and DIY-ed so.much.stuff.  I can't wait to show y'all some pics.   Sis is an incredible talent.  I wasn't aware of how crafty she is until now.

Her friend married them, so the ceremony was fun and sweet.  And short, which is just the way I like it.  :)  The wedding was at a winery, so there was some great backdrops for pics.  Dinner was excellent.  I got to do a lot of dancing and a lot of mingling.   Everyone there seemed like they were really having a good time. 

My kids are rockstars.  They were both incredibly well-behaved.  DefConn charmed everyone all night.  We stayed until the end of the wedding (~11pm) and he never once got fussy.  He let a lot of our friends and family hold him and was just happy as can be.  I don't know how I got so lucky, but I love that kid even more for being so flexible.

Brunch at mom and dad's on Saturday was just as fun.  I got to do a lot of catching up with friends and family.   When Sunday rolled around, we were so happy to have that extra day to rest and recover.

Now all three of us are married off.  Finally.  :)  And I think this may be the last wedding I am in, which I am more that OK with.  :)  No more BM dresses for me. 

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