I need about 65 postcards made for rsvp's. What size do i get? What's the cheapest you got yours? Anyone want to share a coupon? I signed up but haven't received anything yet.

I also need 150 business cards my own design. Any advice? Also codes would be greatly appreciated for these too :)

Thanks everyone!

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    Our RSVP cards are about 3x5 and I work at a bookstore that has a supplies dept and got a dicount, but I think w/o discount it would have been about $35 and that was for 100 envelopes and cards. They aren't printed on yet.

    I do know a place where you can get free buisness cards (it's where I got mine) you just pay for shipping, but I can't remember the name. I will look it up and post.

    I hope this helps a little. I don't feel like it did though...
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    I just now placed an order with vistaprint.
    I ordered our stds & they were 5.47x4.21 & the evelopes were A-2 Envelopes & were $7.49 for 100 of them (just plain white).
    I don't know what size pc you are doing, but the that's the size envelope we were given with that size std...

    hope that helps! :)

    I searched for a coupon for them & couldn't find one....

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    alyssa pm me your email address or just post it and i'll forward you the last thing i got if you'd like.
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    thansk sarack !

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