Wedding Woes

At lunch I saw

the real-life Gary and Elaine (Catalog Living). At least, in my head that's what they look like. Actually, most older (50s) people in Nordstrom look like Gary and Elaine I guess.

Re: At lunch I saw

  • I'm jealous of your trip to the Nordstrom Bistro. We have a Nordstrom, but no Nordstrom Bistro. Just the coffee and snack bar.

    I'd have to go down to Aventura to have the delicious bread pudding you spoke of.

    We do have a cafe in Neiman Marcus, however. I die for their popovers.
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  • It was so good! I had this 

    Roast Sirloin Ciabattathinly sliced sirloin, arugula, roma tomato, caramelized onions, garlic aioli, parmesan ciabatta and the bread pudding, of course.
  • Yum. I think I might have to go and try this fantastic place.
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