Wedding Woes


The Singoff - I don't mind that the highschoolers are gone, but I'm going to miss the wiffenpoofs. I can not listen to any more from those boring, boring music teachers. Even their guilty pleasure song for next week is one I've never heard before. Stupid. Ugh.

Community - Poor Abed. I loved that the meaning of Christmas was a Lost DVD. But I was really hoping that at least some of the episode would be live-action. Joel McHale's claymation face isn't nearly as pretty as his real life face.

30 Rock - This episode was just kindof meh for me. It did bug me that whatshername is supposed to be in her 3rd trimester but her fake belly was small enough for her to wear a non-maternity dress.

The Office - Did not need to be an hour long. I have a hard time feeling sorry for Michael when he acts like such a douche. And Jim being terrified of Dwight wasn't unny or cute or interesting or at all in character. I did think it was hilarious that Erin just didn't get what Michael saw in Holly.

Re: TV

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    Totally agreed on Elizabeth Banks (whose character's name I can NEVER remember, with good reason).  But after they brought Jack's mom back, I couldn;t stay mad at them.  And Jenna and whatshisname singing O Holy Night at the end was delightful.

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but they just need to get Michael and Holly together and that's that.  Honestly, were there ever two characters so MFEO?  "LIke a party for limousine drivers."  Brilliant.  That entire dorky exchange when she arrived was so full of chemistry. 

    Much as I like Darryl, we could have done without the go-nowhere plot of his kid and passing out chips. 

    Liked Jim's reaction to Pam's gift.  Thought the snowball fight (and Jim's reaction) was ridiculous, but Dwight in all the wigs partially made up for it. 
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