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So the doc has ordered me to stay well hydrated...

and the Mr, bless his little black heart, believes wholeheartedly that I exist in a state of virtual dehydration all the time.
(I say "bah" to that--studies show that humans, like many other mammals, get over 80% of the fluids they need from the foods they eat.  And the whole 6-8 glasses of water a day was 100% based on colon-blast type of quackery--there's no evidence for it at ALL--and some evidence it's bad
And I don't like water.  And, I know this sounds dumb but water = triggers IBS)

So the Mr. asked the doctor for an AMOUNT I should drink per day.
Given the meds contain caffine?  3 liters.

HOLY CRAP (er, pee?)
I have never had to pee this much in my entire life.  I don't think my poor bladder--which was already struggling to adjust to being abused by the pregnancy, can handle this. 

Aenyhoo, doc's note in hand, I 'illegally' have a drink in the 'no food or drink allowed' section of work (not dangerous, just against the rules) all the time. 

Re: So the doc has ordered me to stay well hydrated...

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    ::hands GBCK some adult diapers::

    just in case Tongue out
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