More Tux shop help: Southcenter or further south

Okay, so, according to the Best Man, the B-party is going to be somewhere south of Seattle, and we have to pick up one of the GMs at the airport that afternoon, and going back north to Seattle or Bellevue or Kirkland is not an option. So, I'm looking for a place that does tuxedo rentals near Southcenter, or somewhere further south (Federal way, Puyallup, heck maybe Tacoma for all I know). I checked the seattlebio and some of the chains have locations down there but I was vaguely hoping to find a small business. Any suggestions?


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Re: More Tux shop help: Southcenter or further south

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    We went to the Men's Warehouse at the Supermall in Auburn and they have been really great.
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    There's a Men's Whorehouse at Southcenter too, but they don't rent suits.  You're fine if you want tuxes though.
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    Sorry, no help on finding a non-chain store in the southend.  But, just an FYI - we went to the Mens Wearhouse and had issues with both the groom's tux (blazer too tight and pants too big - but it was fixed before the wedding) and one of the groomsmen's tuxes (button fell off of pants!) 
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    Ditto Kaye on no recs for non-chain locations.  We went to Men's Warehouse in Tukwila (off Southcenter Blvd if I recall correctly, not the one in the mall) and we worked with a young, black lady by the name of T or Q or something.  It was one letter.  She was nice and not pushy and we didn't have any problems with our rentals.
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    Our friends used the Formal Image last year and really liked them. They're located in Fife/Tacoma, and we're actually going on Sat to check them out ourselves. I'll let you know how it goes :)

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