Wedding Woes

fb drama

i know i make fun of fb drama, so i feel like an idiot about this one.

i know a lot of people through dh, and a lot of them are republicans like dh.  most of the time, i ignore their fb feeds about political stuff, partially because i don't agree with it but mostly because i think it is totally gauche to post stuff like that on fb.


a fb friend posted "each time they show the video of the cop pepper spraying the UC Davis students I have to laugh."  i want to punch her in the goddamn face.  i find the nonchalant attitude of the cop to be grossly disturbing and it was actually one of the few things that dh and i agreed about.

i unsubscribed from her feed because dh told me that if i dump her, it will be the biggest bfd since the time she wasn't invited to a mutual friend's wedding and grieved every day on fb and irl. 
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