a 5 yr old could do a better job

than the mockups ive been making of my invite.
LOL.... i figuring i will get a lightbulb idea of making it look fabulous.

I bought the cardstock from walmart of all places. $5.50 for 150 sheets. Woohoo.

i have the invite design done (so happy with it) but its been hell to figure out a cute, prof looking and cheap pocket/gatefold/thinge.

i feel like all my posts have been about these fricken invites.. but not much else is happening wedding wise.

Re: a 5 yr old could do a better job

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    mgoss228mgoss228 member
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    Can you post pics?  Maybe someone on here could offer some suggestions.
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    i wish i could. but i have old school phone and my last camera broke.  i have to wait for FI to get home.... we are getting our Iphones soon hopefully.
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    carrieoz_76carrieoz_76 member
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    Yea, I worked on mine for months before I finally switched it up completely and went with a different design, font, style, the whole shebang.

    I found my inspiration by popping into Impress (the rubber stamp store), so you might try going there or to a Paper Zone just to look around and see if there's anything out there that helps get your creativity going.
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    I'm willing to help if you'd like. I wanna see pics too! You don't have a digital camera? :)
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    jennlinjennlin member
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    you know the drill, if there's no pics, it didn't happen!

    we are all itching to help! maybe you can describe your design to us? with pictures taken from the internet?

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    i scanned them and started a new post!
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