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kid vocabulary funny. since it's slow and i want to aw.

he has some funny ways of saying his words.

pancakes are "happy cakes"

W = "double [pause] Jew"

big bird = "big bird song"

and he sometimes refers to me by my first name.

Re: kid vocabulary funny. since it's slow and i want to aw.

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    Hee!  Happy cakes, I love it.  It's a true story.  He knows where it's at.

    DefConn says 'senk you' (thank you)

    If you ask him a question, any question, he shakes his head no. 
    But if you say, "We're going to have a snack, OK?" He says, "OK!"
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    I'm dying at "double (pause) Jew" and that he calls you by your first name.
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    he knows i'm mommy, but i don't think he understand that i have 2 names (first name and Mommy).

    oh yeah, the "okay"!

    silly story - we were in the car on our way home during dinner time, just me and the monster, and he started to have a fit because he was hungry and specifically wanted nuggets. so i told him, "i'll get you nuggets and french fries, okay?"

    and in a sad, wimpy voice, he replied, "oookay".

    and then the fit began. like, full blown crying and calling out for nuggets. we were in a drive thru, and it was supre slow, but i was not about to bring this mess inside the store for all to judge A/ a screaming nutcase child, and B/ that i was feeding him fast food.

    but every time i told him i was getting him nuggets, he'd say OK and then calm down for a half a minute. when we got to the window, he stopped crying altogether and was all puffy faced eating his nuggets.

    i dont even know how he knew about nuggets to throw that fit, because i had not given them to him before. he must have had them at school that week or something.
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    hee! at the nugget story

    Wolverine did something similar when DK made the mistake of telling her that he bought her pizza. She screamed for the 5 minute drive home for her pizza.

    Wolverine calls DK by his first name, but i don't think she knows mine. She'll be sitting on the potty with me in the room and start yelling for DK to bring her a new diaper. "Daddy, need diaper... DADDY... DAAAAADDDDYYYYYY!!! KEN!!! KEN DIAPER!!!" I wonder where she picked that up....
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    LOL! I have no idea, myself. i think it's hilaroius. H likes to correct him. it's very silly.

    i like being ordered to bring a diaper. hilarious.
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    DefConn is in a super fit-throwing stage.  He goes face down on the floor and pounds his tiny fists and everything.  It's hysterical to watch.

    I told him the other night that if he was my boyfriend, this would be the point where we'd break up.
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    hehehehheheeee!!!  I love it!
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