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Friend daughter drama update

I know you've been dying to find out.

Recap: daughter has mental illness, spent time in juvie and foster care, came home for a bit then went to college, dropped out of college in January to party, strip, and make money on

- A few weeks ago daughter was found behind a furniture rental place passed out cold.  She got arrested for public intox, underage consumption, and possession of drug stuff.  She pled not guitly and has another court date 2/27

- Last week she rolled her car and left the scene.  She was cited for failure to control (she was high/drunk).  That court date is 2/23.

- Last night friend came home to daughter effed up with white stuff all over her face.  Daughter had crushed up xanax and was high as a kite.  Friend kicked daughter out and has no clue where she is.

Re: Friend daughter drama update

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    Wow.  :(  That's awful.  Poor kid needs so much help. 
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    Oh no.    That's awful!  I was hoping that things were going well since we hadn't heard much.
    There is so little help out there for people like her.
    There but for the grace of God, go I.
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    Oh, and what is and am I too old for it?  ;)
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    I guess it's a website for girls to find sugardaddies.  I was watching a show on CNBC called Princess.  This chick's bf was paying her $12k a MONTH for stuff.  I asked dh if I could have a boyfriend, but he said no.

    I'm totally at a loss for how to help friend.  I've suggested NAMI and alanon and counseling for her.  At this point I guess all I can do is listen.
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    In Response to <a href=" Topic Wedding BoardsForum:47Discussion:4d00f7bf-f8c8-4c16-956f-60e32c059653Post:fde946c5-ff04-43e2-9945-c486cfc32a7c">Friend daughter drama update</a>:
    [QUOTE] <strong> Friend kicked daughter out and has no clue where she is.
    </strong>Posted by 6fsn[/QUOTE]
    good for friend. i think all you can do is listen and recommend that friend see a therapist.
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    I am glad she kicked her out, but I know it's tearing her up.  Especially not knowing where she is or if she'll ever hear from her again.
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    That sounds pretty typical for a kid that age with an untreated mental health disorder who is in the foster care system. I am sure the local Dept of Mental Health and Human Services might have programs she can utilize (if/when she is ready). But yeah, we all know until she is ready to do that herself, all you can do it sit back and hope for the best.
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    Is the kid underage enough for the mother to have her involuntarily committed? Not that that's necessarily the best option, but worth considering. I'm sure she's already considered it, though.

    Ugh times a billionty.

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    The kid is 18 now so there's only so much she can do.  She's tried to get her the help and the meds and thought they were straightened out...until the kid went to college and stopped taking the meds.  This whole thing is just terrible.
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    I will say, this is a place where papertrails are your friend.
    Best way to get someone commited is to have 'em.

    But that doesn't make it suck any less
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