Wedding Woes

A Thanksgiving Story

Little Bro brought his new girlfriend to TG dinner (*cough*uninvited*cough*) and ooooowee was she a dim bulb. She's 19 (he's 20) and when talk turned to LB's snoring roommate, she started massaging his scalp and said, "Oh honey, he was SO LOUD the other night. I had to kick the wall at, like, 3AM to try and wake him. And he did it again last night!!! *GIGGLE GIGGLE GIGGLE!!!!!*"

LB just moved into his new apartment a week ago, and MIL & sFIL's faces turned about six shades of red at the thought of him having "sleepovers."

H, on the other hand, about choked on his stuffing he was laughing so hard. LB looked like he wanted to serve her a hearty helping of STFU.

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