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What's the deal with Ushers?

OK, so I'm confused and cant find any info about the purpose of ushers?  We are getting married in a church.  Who gets ushered to their seats?  Does everyone when they walk into the church or just moms, grandma's, aunts?  We have 5 groomsmen and can use them as ushers, but shouldn't I use someone special to walk my mom down the aisle?  I would use my brother but he is walking me down the aisle.  Please someone clear this up for me!!!  Thanks so much!!!  :) 

Re: What's the deal with Ushers?

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    That's all up to you. FI was an usher in a wedding. They were responsible for everyone. Once everyone was seated they ushered in grammas and moms, then sat down, then BP came in, then finally the bride.
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    Ushers ask each person who comes in which side they belong to - bride or groom.  They then seat them on the appropriate side of the church.  

    Alternatively, you can just have the GMs do that.
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    Our Ushers just sort of helped people find seats, asked them to fill in from the front first, answered any questions, and kept any late comers in the back from disrupting the ceremony.  We had 3 groomsmen and 3 ushers.  They don't have to escort everyone to their particular seats but it's helpful to direct people where to sit.
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    Ushers greet guests as they arrive and walk each party to their seats. GM can act as ushers. Your brother could walk your mom down the aisle and then return for you before the actual procession starts.
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