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Something reminded me of this movie this afternoon and I don't think I've ever discussed it here.  I saw it one night on PBS...but I was half asleep and only saw the last part of it and this was back before DVRs and Tivo.  The next day I couldn't quite decide if it was a dream or real.  But I googled (or Lycosed, or Yahoo searched or I said, it was a while ago) the details I could remember and found the name of the filmmaker and his e-mail address.  I wrote him a love letter and received a reply that promised notification when the DVD came out.  As soon as I got that I bought my copy and shared with anyone who would sit still enough to listen to me.

It is now available on Netflix instant and you will not regret it.


But there is a chicken insurrection.

You are welcome.


I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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