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So tonight is the 2nd of H's dinners he is hosting on behalf of the church fellowship committee.  You may recall that the no one RSVP'd for the 1st one.  I made dinner and cleaned the house while he sat and waited in case anyone showed up, but they didn't. 

We have two positive RSVPs for tonight, however one of them cancelled earlier today.  The only other person coming is also on the committee.  He only invited her in the first place because he thought she would be offended if he didn't.  The whole purpose of these dinners was to provide a casual small group setting in which to make contact with new people and people that only come once in a while - not this lady. She also happens to be one of the most annoying people I have ever met.  She is very nice and well meaning, but she crawls under my skin and dances to Cotton Eye Joe for hours on end every time I am around her.

I told H that we should just call her and cancel but he insists this would be rude to her.  I have been FIRM that this is H's deal.  I got the rest of the house tidy, but the kitchen and food was ALL HIM. Is is two hours until she arrives and he just left to go to an eye doctor appointment.  As far as I know he still does not have any plan for dinner and the kitchen is filled with dirty dishes that he used making himself breakfast and lunch today. 

I am so beyond frustrated with this.  Church activities make me have very un-Christian thoughts.  If he ever volunteers himself for organization of anything ever again I am booking myself a vacation for that week. 

I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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