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I don't know if this is the appropriate forum and if it's not I'm sorry but I just need to vent a little about my venue! So our wedding is in December and I thought I had the venue all set and could move on with selecting my other vendors except.... I haven't heard from my contact in like 2 weeks! I signed the agreement and sent it back to her, and asked her a few more questions, and she was supposed to be sending me vendor recommendations because I'm in CA planning a wedding in FL and she hasn't gotten back to me! She has not returned the multiple e-mails or phone calls I've left her!!!!!! I am getting so frustrated, it took us so long to get approval from his chain of command (he's military) that we're already so far behind on everything and I was planning to have my STD's out this week and now I'm at a standstill AGAIN! I'm almost to the point where I want to go with a different venue but this place is my dream venue!!!!!! Sorry for the rant!

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    Is there someone you know in FL who could go in person and check for you?
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    I would call and ask for a manager/director.  You don't say what type of venue (historic mansion, hotel/resort, banquet hall) but there must be someone else who works there besides this person who isn't answering you.

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