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Also on 1st Tri- the Bump needs help

Bumpie Eileen is trying to get input on how to keep the boards snark free.  All I can think is "Ask a stupid question.  Get a stupid answer.  If people weren't idiots they wouldn't get snarked at."

Re: Also on 1st Tri- the Bump needs help

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    HeffalumpHeffalump member
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    Curious that I haven't seen that on 12-24.  Peeked at 0-3 and 6-9 and nothing there, either.  Maybe it's just the fragile 1stTri-ers who need to be shielded from reality.
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    GBCKGBCK member
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    why don't they ever like the answer "go to a board you like that's all flowers and crap, quit trying to change the boards that already exist [because there are absolutely 'no meanness ever' boards where every woe is met w/ "I"m so sorry honey!""
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