Wedding Woes

Help!!!! Huge bump in the road! Kinda long sorry :(

Okay ladies!!! I need to vent and get some thoughts and a bump in my wedding planning road. I figure this is the best place to get some rational, unbiased thoughts! My fiancé and I have been planning our wedding for around three months before we decided the best way to go was a destination wedding in Cancun. To have the wedding we wanted it was all we could afford. We talked to our families and everyone was on board. I hooked up with my wedding planner and we found the resort and had pricing and everything.

It came time to sign the contract and make a down payment and now my family is saying they can’t afford it. It’s $1000 a person for a three night four day stay at an all-inclusive resort and includes airfare. My fiancés family said they’re all set to go, but my brother and sister-in-law can’t afford it they say and they’ll have a new 4 month old on their hands plus their 5 year old daughter. My grandma will be 80 and says now she doesn’t know what kind of health she’ll be in. My younger brother I told I would help pay since he’s in college and works only part time. And I haven’t talked to our wedding party yet but I have a feeling they’re going to back out as well. So all these people said they would come and suddenly no one on my side besides mom and dad and younger brother will come. Not to mention only two of our friends.

My opinion: I don’t want to go now. I wasted all my time planning a destination wedding and if my brothers and grandma can’t be there I don’t want to go. Not to mention I want our closest friends there! I can’t imagine them not being there for our wedding.  My fiancé still wants to go and say forget them but I know deep down he won’t be happy missing these important people. I said lets cut the guest list to 150, hire a caterer at a hall that allows outside catering and have everyone there and still be in budget. We can go to Cancun after the wedding ourselves and have a great time then. He’s having a hard time with this and really wants the wedding there. We cannot afford to pay everyone’s way to have them come.

Any suggestions would be helpful? Am I wrong in wanting our closest family / friends there?

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