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Bridesmaid Rant

I have a bridesmaid who's driving me CRAAAAAAZY!!!

She and her fiance got engaged 4 years ago.I began gathering things for her bachelorette party, bought my bridesmaid dress, and all the other things a bridesmaid does. A year went by and the wedding was put off...and off...and off...and here we are. They decided earlier this year b/c of financial issues to just wear their rings and say they're married.

I got engaged in July. I asked this friend as well as a few others to join my bridal party.

Nowdays, anytime I mention my wedding she begins talking nonstop about her own wedding...the wedding they haven't planned a thing for. When I told her what the MOH was planning for the bachelorette party she said she'd like me to throw her a bachelorette with the items I bought when they got engaed. She suggested we call it a 'bachelorette wanna be party'.

I'm trying to not even mention anything 'wedding' anymore.

Any suggestions are welcome!!
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