Wedding Woes

1801, thanks to Zilla

Padding definitely helped--that was excellent advice.  I wonder if he includes the title in the word count?  I just realized that Word is counting it, but it's only 5 words.

Re: 1801, thanks to Zilla

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    Can I just say, I love that Word counts words automatically? I remember back in the dark ages of word processing having to count every single word in a story (if I wanted precision) or doing the 250-words-per-page estimation (and risking rejection just based on word count). Not to mention there wasn't that immediate gratification of knowing that I wrote X words today. Makes goal-setting much easier. 
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    I still think you should add, "If F happens we're all fcked"
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    when you count words, do you do the actuall # of words (words being anything w/ spaces in between) or do you do the "every X keystrokes = 1 word" thing?

    I always thought the latter didn't screw over a decent vocaublary as much.
    (but I end up over on my wordcounts.
    Damn verbose-ness.) 
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