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You know who is doing it right?  Dillards with their little stickers that they put on the tags that allow you to return without a receipt.  Of course the window isn't open forever and I'm a little annoyed at their new clearance return rule, but I can deal with it because their clearance sales are so good. 

But seriously people, what do you expect Kohls to do?  Just hand you full value for your no-receipt returns a year later?  They advertise that no-receipt thing because they are hoping you won't keep the receipt and then BAZINGA!  they get to keep a lot of money from people who bought things at 20% off and return them at 50% off.  It is really not unreasonable to ask for a receipt. 

My biggest Kohls complaint is all of the 50,000 ways to use store sales and coupons and Kohls cash and Kohls cards and I have actually NOT bought things before just because I felt like I should have a coupon and didn't.  So instead I go next door and buy something at a higher price but knowing that every other customer is paying the same thing and it makes me feel better.  I'm spiteful like that.

I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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Re: Store returns

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    My biggest complain is that something I find there for $59 is $29 at Target.  *burnnnnn*
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    My biggest complaint is that nothing fits me. Why bother? 
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    nordstrom does the same thing with the stickers.  it's also done at nordstrom rack.
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    I noticed that Macy's has jumped on the "sticker on the tag" bandwagon, too.

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    Yep, Macy's is doing it too.  Not that I buy anything there, but we do get gifts from there.

    Have you seen the new JCP stuff?  I love the concept, but dang the commercials are annoying.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Store returns</a>:
    [QUOTE] Have you seen the new JCP stuff?  I love the concept, but dang the commercials are annoying.
    Posted by 6fsn[/QUOTE]

    They're far less annoying than the screaming ones though. 

    I do like the new JCP concept.  

    My mom works for them and has some funny stories about people being confused and/or angry about it.  One lady told her that she was going to buy the same thing at Kohls and pay more because Kohls took the time to send her a coupon.  My MIL also bitched to me about it, but she likes to have something to bitch about.  It's par for the course.
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    See, I think the stickers are stupid. And they have to cost the store some money.

    Then again, maybe not, if other stores are jumping on the wagon.

    And I'm certainly not saying Kohl's should do a cash refund for the highest price it ever sold for. But I do think store credit for the lowest price is reasonable, as long as they still stock the product and what you're returning is new with tags.

    What I *do* like, strangely, is Target's deal where they can look anything up with the credit card you used to purchase the item. Deosn't work for gifts, but I've used it myself a few times, even though I am mostly very very good about keeping receipts for this reason.

    As for JCP - I think I like the concept, but the fact is I am a bargain shopper, and I think a lot of JCP customers are bargain shoppers. We *like* navigating the sales for the best deal. It's like a game. I'm not sure it's going to work out so well for them in the long run  - "Moderately higher but pleasantly unconfusing pricing all month long!" is not better than "Maternity pants on sale for $3.97! Cocktail dresses for $12 if you act today!"

    Anyway, I like a lot of stuff at kohl's. Not all, for sure, but a lot. Bras, costume jewelry, socks, purses, wallets, basic pants/shirts/sweaters, shoes, kid clothes. I wish more of the clothes fit me. But I dress plainly. Perhaps that is why I'm so invisible in the world. Flashy colors, here I come!

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    i like the stickers at macy's. first of all you can tell if they actually got it at macy's. trust me.. some people try to return stuff from other stores. and you don't need a recepit. why? because that little sticker can read how much you paid and what you paid with. it's so much easier.
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