Wedding Woes

I Survived

I watched an episode last night and one of the people on had survived a tornado.

1) He had moved from NYC to Alabama, so his wife could get her PhD.

2) He ended up surviving by getting in the bathtub, where he had tethered his dogs to his waist. The entire house was wiped out but the tub and stayed anchored down.

3) After the tornado had passed right over him, the dogs fell to the ground - they had been flying in the air like kites - the house fell on top of him and it started raining motor vehicles. (His head and one arm were exposed and not under rubble, so he was able to crawl out).

4) He ended up finding a friend and both of their wives ended up being OK, too.

One and two reminded me of when I was stuck in my bathroom in OK with four dogs and my husband. I kept telling H, "I can't die like this. This is so stupid." And the guy on the show was saying, "This would be the most ridiculous way to die." I totally felt for him.
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