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why i ask

Dear Amy: Our house has a septic system and is not on a sewer line. Recently, our lower-level toilet overflowed and sewage backed up into the shower next to it. It was not pretty, to say the least, and was a shock because we had just had our system pumped and checked and were told that all was well.

I called a plumber, who had to remove the toilet to diagnose the problem — which it turns out was caused by some feminine hygiene products that had completely clogged the system. He was able to fix it, but it cost us $400.

Here's the issue: We're all boys at this house, with the exception of my wife, who does not use these products.

There's only one woman who has used that bathroom recently, and that's my son's relatively new and somewhat ditsy 21-year-old girlfriend.

Needless to say, this can't happen again, and I think someone needs to tell her that you can't flush this stuff. But who? My son? My wife? Me?

Can we also ask her or her parents to pay for the repair, or at least part of it? Is that going too far?

Isn't it common knowledge among women not to flush this stuff? I'm a 50-year-old man, and even I knew not to flush it.

Amy, this is not my area of expertise (surprise!), and I'm just a tad uncomfortable talking about it. I'm going to go watch some football now to make myself feel better.

— Overflowed and Underfunded


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    My mom made me tell my friends not to flush their tampons, but she didn't ask them to pay for the clogged pipes.
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    i don't think it's her responsibility to pay, although i'd make sure that someone (whether it was the son or the mom or the OP) just said something to her "hey, we recently had a plumbing issue with our house - please don't flush anything other than TP. There's a trash can under the sink for paper towels/tampons/pads/etc."

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    I grew up with a septic system and two heavy-flow tampon users. We flushed. 

    But it would be up to the son to tell his girlfriend, obviously. Payment is out of the question, especially asking her *parents*. She's a grown ass woman; if you were going to be so petty as to ask for reimbursement, you'd ask her. But IMO, this is one of those "sucks to own a house" moments, not something she did with malice aforethought. For all we know, she's flushed stuff down her own septic system for the last ten years without incident. 
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