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Yes, the border is dangerous. Duh.

Widow of man killed by Mexican pirates says Obama should 'wake up and look at what's going on in our backyard'
---------------------------------------I'm not going to post the article, because this idiot just pisses me right off. Is it because I lived in a border state? I mean, THE MEXICAN BORDER IS DANGEROUS. It has been for years. Decades. Maybe since we took over part of Mexico. ADURR. You and your idiot husband shouldn't have been jet skiing in Mexican waters. Ever considered that? It is not up to the rest of us to fix your dumbassery. Yes, it's a shame your husband is dead, but thousands of husbands are dead along the border, and most of them for better reason than they were too dumb to stay on the US side of the lake. 
Flame away. I know we have border problems. I also know that drug decriminalization and open borders would solve a lot of them, but no one wants to do that. 

Re: Yes, the border is dangerous. Duh.

  • Yep, that pretty much sums up how I feel about it Bmom.
  • I think the people are wishing she was the one that was murdered.  The day after the lead investigator was BEHEADED she was on the Today show saying Mexico wasn't doing enough.

    A man lost is life for your dead husband you jackhole!

  • Mexico doesn't care about you lady, get over it.  Yes, it's sad, I agree.

    But seriously, what did you expect?
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