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Dear hackers...

it looks bad when you pick on teddy bears.

Cyber pirates target teddy bears' picnic

Belvoir Castle /Rex

Algerian hackers mistakenly targeted a British castle renowned for its annual teddy bears' picnic after mistaking it for an Israeli fortress.

The cyber pirates confused Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire with Belvoir Fortress, 2,000 miles away in Israel, reports the Daily Telegraph.

They hijacked the castle's homepage and replaced images of the family seat of the Duke of Rutland with a black page displaying the Algerian flag.

Belvoir Castle was a Royalist stronghold in the English Civil War and now holds the annual teddy bears' picnic in its 15,000-acre gardens.

By contrast, Belvoir Fortress became a crusader stronghold in 1168, when it was erected to fend off Muslim forces attacking the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

An Algerian subversive group called the Dz-SeC claimed responsibility for the cyber attack, writing in Arabic on the castle's website: "The cause of this hack is Israel's presence."

The message added: "Internet law does not protect the ignorant. Thank you to all the pirates of Algeria."

A spokeswoman for the castle said: "We've nothing to do with the Middle-East. I just help to organise the teddy bears' picnic."

Re: Dear hackers...

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    That's a big mistake... how do you even confuse the two - teddy bear picnic and Israeli fortress!

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