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Kicking my doctor in the butt

Ok, so I hurt my back about a month ago when I fell off a step-ladder at work.  why did it take me going back to the doctor 4 times and complaining about not being able to stand or sit for long periods of time without pain for them to look at my xrays (from a month ago) and say, "Oh, there's something wrong."?!  I have a muscle spasm that straightened a part of my spine that's supposed to curve and I should have been in PT all of this time.  I could have been done or close to it.

So corporate calls me to tell me that the PT was approved and they say it like they've done me a favor.  Then the lady who called follows up with "Make sure you schedule your appointments for you days off."  Really?  The last time I got hurt on the job, they paid me for the first month of appointments I went to, they had a separate heading for my time sheet and everything.  That was a different job, but it seems like if I got hurt at the job and it clearly wasn't my fault, then I should be able to get my treatments on the clock, too.  It's not like it's a long time, it's usually about an hour for each session.  That may be what I get for not getting a lawyer, but I just want to get better, I don't want to turn this into a "thing."  So what does everyone think?

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    Do you have a lawyer?  I would definitely be posing this question to someone with a legal background.  You have a lot of rights after getting injured on the job. 
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    Check out your state's Worker Compensation laws.  They will tell you what exactly your employer is required to cover.
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    I would definitely look into this! To me it sounds like they are trying to cover their butts making it seem that they are in no way at fault. At the very least many lawyers have free consultations that you could try. Best of luck!
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    Check your state's workers' comp laws, as someone previously suggested.  Laws on this may vary from state to state.  Most states have a workers' comp website that'll answer questions like this for you.  I'd start there before running to a lawyer.
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