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because it's been quiet

i will tell a story.

way back when, i had a regular group that i went to the movies with.  (these are my top tier friends.)  we went to every kind of movie together -- everything from "reign of fire" to "secretary."  one of our "things" was that no matter where we sat in the theatre, some random weirdo would come in and sit right near us -- well, would sit down near or next to me.

i know, i know, people can sit wherever they want, but it was so bizarre.  the movie would start, the production company logo would pop onto the screen, and boom!  the door would open and some lone weirdo would always sit in the same rowas us, one seat away, or sit in the row in front of us, smack dab in front of the shortest person there.  at "triplets of belleville", it was a completely empty theatre except for the five of us, but sure enough, as soon as "ifc films" rolled, the back door opens and lone weirdo in a beret parks it right where i was resting my feet.

anyhoo.  way back when, when "lord of the rings: fellowship of the ring" had been in theatres for like two months, one of the group hadn't seen it.  L and i had seen it, but B had not.  L and i were game to see it again, so we met after work and went to the theatre.

we piled all the coats next to me, and i sat down next to L, and B was on the far side.  and yes -- random dude is sweatpants comes down and sits next to all the coats, one seat away from me.  i look at L and B and they immediately begin giggling, but soon we are all entranced in middle earth.

as bilbo is giving his birthday speech, i look over and see random dude looking like a fool with his pants on the ground.  he's going to town on his wilhelm, ignoring the birthday festivities going on onscreen and throwing his own party in his hands.

i get up and climb over L and B, and march out the back of the theatre to pull a fire alarm or whatever i can do.  L and B don't know what's happening, but partyman gets up and hauls out the emergency exit in the front of the theatre.  they quickly figure out that some kind of silent altercation occurred between me and him, and L comes out.

i am yelling at the 14yo usher to take a look for the dude, but alas, once his pants were back up, he moved quickly and disappeared into the night.

anyhoo, i can't see this movie or ian holm for that matter without thinking of this dude.


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