Wedding Woes

Dh has an interview today

The pay is well within range but it would put us in BFE again.  They are talking big shake ups this week at his work, so things could be interesting.  Then again big shake ups may be moving the secretaries around.

Re: Dh has an interview today

  • Why would you move secretaries around?
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  • Well, even if this doesn't pan out, the more he interviews (which he's been doing a lot of that lately), the odds get better and better that the right thing will come your way.

    Oohh..Did you find out what you're having?!?!  :)
  • It was a joke because they tend to say "something big is going to happen" and it turns out to be nothing.  There are only 2 secretaries there anyway.

    Rumor has it someone is getting fired and a bunch of people at DH's level are getting shuffled around to make life easier.  What they really need to do is hire 3 more people.  They still haven't replaced me and another person that left when I did.  They could use a couple more secretaries too.

  • Conn- our appt is at 10:30, but don't expect to hear anything soon.  My mom, sister, and 3 nieces are coming over today so I'll be busy.

  • Mega, mega vibes for Mr. Z!!!!!  How wonderful that would be for you both.
  • Good luck to Mr. Z!
  • YAY!

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  • Wow.  Big days today for the Misters.

  • I clearly need to buy more purple shirts to keep up with all of the awesome that the misters have going on.

    Good luck to them both :)
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