Wedding Woes

Tday funny

Saturday morning I woke up to H all up in my face, looking somewhat panic striken. He had my glasses in his hand and wanted me to come with him. I looked around, and I was in bed with BIL.

H and I went back to the living room and slept a bit more (we sleep on the pull out couch when we stay with them). When the house woke up for the day, I explained my sleep walking to BIL.
I guess when H woke up and I wasn't there, he really did panic. He looked in the kids' rooms and asked nephew where I was. Nephew is the one who told H I was in bed with his dad. I sent SIL a text explaining what had happened. I guess she was in bed when I got in there. She said she just figured my back was hurting from the couch.

I told H, never in a million years would SIL crawl into our bed without me batting an eye as she had. Their house really is a commune.
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