Wedding Woes

hell date

okay, who did not tell me about this show?  i am sad i have been missing it.

premise: poor fool thinks he/she is on a reality dating show.  they do not know they are actually on hell date, where they are paired with an actor, aka the hell dater, who becomes increasingly more bizarre as the date progresses.  they go on another date and it's just a mess.  finally, the date ends when a SMALL WONDER DRESSED AS THE DEVIL shows up, pokes them with a pitchfork and says, "you're on hell date!"

lady dater was paired up with two hell daters who were in competition with her.  she actually went out with both dudes at the same time.  they took her out to a japanese restaurant and they kept badgering her, "who are you going to pick?"  and she kept saying, "y'all i'm just trying to eat!"  they are shoving themselves over her, and shoving her, and she is just popping teriyaki in her mouth with one hand and shoving them away with the other.
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