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How would you handle this?

So I got summoned to jury duty...back in Maryland. It's in early October. I'm registered to vote in CA, my primary residence is in CA, and I have a CA drivers license. Obviously, I'm not supposed to be sitting on a jury in Maryland, and I'm sure as hell not paying for a flight to do it.

So, I have to write a letter requesting to be excused. But the reasons for excuse are things like medical, scheduled vacation, college student, etc. and they say that usually you will only get rescuedled. There's no option for "I'm no longer a resident of this county or state." How much documentation do I need to send them to prove that I haven't lived there in over a year?

Re: How would you handle this?

  • nicoleg1982nicoleg1982 member
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    Just a copy of your DL.  It should have an "issued" date.
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    what nico said. in PA i was summoned in Pittsburgh after I had moved to Philly. i hadn't changed my DL yet, so i sent a copy of a bill in my name with the new address and it was sufficient. 
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    What Nico said, and maybe a utility bill at your new address from over a year ago - or an invoice printed from an online account. Both of the should prove you weren't in the other state. I would try calling to ask someone, but that probably would be about as much fun as poking your eyeballs out with a dull, hot stick.
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    Ditto, Wz. I got one that said I was supposed to appear for jury duty the day I returned from my honeymoon. Uh, no.

    I threw that sucker away.
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    Don't throw it out.  Just do what everyone else said and copy your DL and a bill.  That's enough to vote it should be enough for jury duty.
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