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That post below reminded me:  Have you read the Tiger Mom book?  What's your take on it?  You are my Asian voice y'know.  But I wondered about your upbringing versus her theory on Asian parenting principles and what you wanted for Baby Mo?

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    i haven't read the book, but there are a few other people here who have had tiger mamas.

    as for parenting principles -- well, remember, there's mr. mo, too, and he's not asian and has his own ideas about parenting and schooling.  dh and i have had some conflicts about our different parenting wants and needs -- i am more permissive in some areas, and more stringent in others.

    we did have similar upbringings, but mine was definitely more focused on good grades rather than "doing your best" or "trying your hardest."  my siblings and i played instruments starting very young (i was at the piano in kindergarten) and we all played sports (sports were less important, but we all played varsity).  in high school, we were allowed to pick the classes we wanted, but we were all such nerds anyway that we all did four years of english, math, social science, and science (and i did summer school classes at the community college in math, my weak point).  we went to school in illinois, so four years of gym was required, also.  that doesn't leave a lot of time for "other" classes but we did take them -- both my brother and i took cooking classes (i made a wedding cake for my final exam!), and my sister took interior design.

    ultimately, i think a lot will depend on the kind of kid baby mo is -- if he flies right, we'll probably be a bit more lenient.  if he doesn't, then it's off to st. john's military academy (yes, i already have one picked out).
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