Wedding Woes

My sitter is the shiznit.

DH busted his foot/ankle at the park last night.  He and the kiddo were playing catch and the kiddo threw a ball high.  DH had to jump to catch it and when he came down, he landed in a bad spot in the grass at the park (they just filled in holes and re-sodded) and rolled his ankle something fierce.   I ran home to get the car to take him to the ER. 

I called my sitter to see if I could bring the kids to her, so I wasn't messing with a baby and 11 year old in the ER.  She said, "Sure, no problem!"  I guess the kiddo had told her it was bath night for DefConn, so she gave him a bath.  She texted me a pic of him all clean and happy.  When I got to her house, DefConn was asleep and she offered for him to just stay.  We took him home with us, but seriously...she's teh ossum.  She said to call her if we ever need her in an emergency.

DH's ankle is severely sprained.  It seriously looked like there was a golf ball on his ankle.   But thank goodness it's not broken

I need to figure out a TY gift for my sitter.  I seriously love her.

Re: My sitter is the shiznit.

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