Wedding Woes

Twice in a row now

By way of background: my migraine headaches started the november after we moved here, in august 2009. I had never had a migraine before. They happened infrequently at first, then they started occuring on an almost weekly basis. There was no discernable pattern of triggers at the time.

I went off BCPs and then I only started getting migraines the day my period started. Way to add insult to injury, but I could handle one a month.

About two months ago, the duplex in which we live was insepected for the new owner. Our gas fireplace had not been capped, as we had been told, and was an open gas line. The inspector told us to not to use the heat until that was fixed.

When he looked at the heating unit, he told us not to use the heat until that was fixed, too. Apparently it was not hooked up right and was not ventilating properly. He told us if we had gotten sick or get sick, we should sue. He was VERY SERIOUS about this. We are not litiguous people and I didn't think much of it.

The repairs were made by the new owner, and I thanked him for making sure we don't DIAF.

Since the repairs were made, I have not gotten a migraine. Last month, my period came and went, and nothing. Last night my period started, and aside from some awesome cramps, I am fine.

I'm wondering if whatever was wrong with the house was the trigger? There is no way to prove it, so I am just enjoying being migraine free ::knocks wood::
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