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I just scavenged through all the photo books for pics of gramps.  He has the same look in all of them, either just in the background w/ a 'peaceful smile' or a look of amused/joking concern...until I got to more recent ones, where I was the person taking the picture when he was w/ grandma or Buffy...then it looks more like 'concern'.  The picture from the first time he held Buffy and he was super upset because she kept crying makes me tear up.  It's not a 'great' picture but I luff it.

Buffy is trying to wear my slippers around the house.  It's all fun and games unti she cracks her head on a coffee table again.

Buffy ate a Kuus-de-grumping  level dose of blueberries before I realized how many she had.  I hope someone else has diaper duty when they kick in.  THey are, however, her new favorite food.

I'm really glad the 'real service' is tomorrow, because I still haven't figured out if I"m going to speak (I did at grandmas) nd what to say. 

I DID send off my resume we'll see what comes of that.

And my child just stole the underwear out of my "put this in in a few to go to the funeral home in' clothing pile...I need to go hunt her down, figure out where my undies have hidden,  and get ready.

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    You are taking extra underpants for yourself?  Did you hit the blueberries, too?

    Did you sister get her plans worked out?


    I just a friendly gal looking for options.

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    Luckily, the funeral home is 2 miles away, I could drive home if the blueberries strike.  (I only had a fe)

    Baby sis should be arriving at the local airport about..well, 15 minutes ago, actually.
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    i thought blueberries were supposed to be good for diarrhea, not cause it.
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    I'm so confursed on the underwear. 

    Yay for the resume.
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