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Groom's Sister is Evil

My fiance's sister used to be my best friend.  I wanted her to be my MOH, but since we announced our engagement she's been selfish and awful.  At best she's completely consumed by her drama filled life, at worst she's screaming and swearing at me.  I do not want to be related to this horrible woman!

Just found out from a mutual friend she is wearing black to our afternoon ceremony, which I assumed she was doing to show her protest of our wedding.  

She is awful, and if I could I wouldn't even have her at our wedding!

How can I get over how hurtful she has been and focus on my fiance and our special day?  HELP!

Re: Groom's Sister is Evil

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    (1) Black isn't an insult, unless she wears a black veil to match. Now, if she shows up in a white dress you can be pissed.

    (2) How have you changed since getting engaged? Is it all you talk about? If so, you need to step back from the crazy and go back to being a real person.

    If she really is just psychocrazybitch then you may want to find her a therapist.
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    There's a reason the LBD is a wardrobe staple. It's because it's flattering on everyone and easy to find. Black stopped being a color for mouring in the 1800s.

    This makes me think you're just looking for reasons to think she's difficult.
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    Let your fiance deal with her, it's his sister. Don't sweat the wearing black thing. If she really did it to "protest" the wedding, she is the one that is going to be looking silly that day. On the other hand, most people look best in black so it could have nothing to do with you. She is probably just jelous of you and all the exciting things going on for you right now. Just try to ignore it, act positive and keep on wedding planning. You shouldn't let her bring you down.
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    1) change your screen name to something that isn't a) your full name or b) your email address. That's just asking for trouble.

    2) You are projecting your own insecuities about this drama queen and assumming she's wearing black in protest. Perhaps she just wants to be uber formal. I had my bridesmaids during my afternoon ceremony in black.

    3) your FI has to deal with his crazy family. Not you.
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    I'm dealing with the same type of situation.  I wouldn't say that his sister is evil or doing anything to the extent that your groom's sister is but she is subtle in her actions.  I'm so sorry that you have to worry about this.  Someone needs to talk to her for sure and maybe you have to depend on your fiance for that.  Don't let her put a damper on this exciting time in your life.   
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