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A black heart and a good gravy all in one

My nieghborhood fb page is all atwitter today about changing trick or treat to the weekend.  People are going BANANAS on the topic and how old is too old to ToT and blah blah.  Then comes the inevitable "People are dying in floods and we're b!tching about ToT"

Which then turns into instead of candy let's have the kids collect money and parents can give blood!  BS, my kid wants his pirate ass to get candy!

Re: A black heart and a good gravy all in one

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    6let should get his candy.  Why do people not think you can help flood victims, teach your kids how to help others who need it, AND trick or treat?

    My kids will tell you what a hypocrite I am because I made them stop T&Ting after the age of 12.  Just my rule, suck it up buttercups.  However, if I get highschoolers T&Ting at my house I will happily give them candy.  If they aren't harrassing the little kids, they aren't causing any trouble, and they are harmlessly T&Ting, they can come back 2 or 3 times for all I care.  They could be doing something a whole lot worse.

    I used to get ticked off with teens T&Ting, but after I really thought about it, what harm is there?
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    The kids want their damn candy and until kids are about 10 or so, they can't grasp world events and/or the magnitude of Sandy/Katrina/North Korea/Starving kids in Africa.   They're going to just be upset that the dresssed up and now have to donate something instead of getting the good stuff.
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    Thank you!  6let does have generous heart.  He's always with my when we donate money, time, food whatever.  If I'm buying for the food pantry we talk about it.  He helps me pick out the family for Christmas and to my surprise actually asked about that already.

    Sometimes I just want the kid to have fun though!

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    The kiddo's always been super sweet and concerned with others.  He's cleaned the pantry out a few times for food pantry donations at school, helped me shop for a giving tree for work, and we've been talking about Sandy with him all week and the impacts.

    That said, he still wants his Halloween candy.
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    You know those people just want to AW that it was their idea to "collect money" or whatever other sad attempts at philanthropy they're proposing.
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    TOT is about the candy - not blood drives, UNICEF donations, etc. 
    if people want to organize a fundraiser and include the kids, by all means, do it, but why try to ruin Halloween for them?
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    when we got 'to old', my parents were considering dropping ToT for fundie religious reasons...
    they 'bought' us off w/ a sams club bag o candy each of our choice.
    Sine we weren't allowe dot TorT outside of our neighborhood, it was a better deal for us.

    Still stupid though.

    I do christmas donations, candy for halloween.
    (although I don't have any candy and no one will be home at my house to give any out.  whoops)
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